Clinic Based Services

Individual therapy services and a variety of smaller group based intervention services are offered at the practice during the school terms and holiday periods.

Intervention sessions are either weekly or fortnightly for a block of one or two school terms, depending on the assessment outcomes, functional goals formulated by the family/client and the child’s or young person’s specific individual needs.

Intervention Services to address the following:

  • Developmental delay
  • Underlying sensory processing issues including Picky Eating Behaviors
  • Modulation of attention and to facilitate self regulation skills
  • Play and social skill development
  • Developing self esteem and managing sensory based challenging behaviors
  • Development of fine motor skills (including handwriting skills) and gross motor skills
  • Addressing functional issues related to Cerebral Palsy or other underlying Neurological Conditions
  • Bilateral integration and Crossing the Midline skills
  • Visual Perceptual skills related to learning
  • Motor planning (Dyspraxia) and Organization skills
  • To facilitate independence with daily functional skills such as dressing, toileting and other daily living skills
  • Post Botox upper limb intervention services to maximize the effect of Botulin Toxin Injections and to facilitate improved functional bimanual/ upper limb skills and to target Functional Goals formulated by the family/client


We encourage parents/carers to be present during the assessment and therapy sessions to ensure a collaborative relationship between parents and professionals.

School Based Services

  • School visits will be conducted on request.
  • Attendance of school meeting to support transitions to new classes and to support staff/ clients individual learning needs (including providing information for IEP’s).
  • Professional Development for school staff can be provided on request.

Community Based Services

Home visits can be provided if required although most intervention sessions are currently clinic based. Support to facilitate maximum participation in Community Activities such as swimming, Boy Scouts and other activities will be provided.