Cheerful smiling little boy with big backpack jumping and having fun against blue wall. Looking at camera. School concept. Back to School

Step Ahead Occupational Therapy Services endeavors to empower families, children and young adults to gain confidence in their own abilities, to experience success and to learn the tools they require to participate to the best of their ability, in their daily functional lives across all environments.

We aim to achieve our Vision by:

  • Working collaboratively with clients, young adults, Parents and Carers, School Staff and other relevant Professionals to address the needs of each individual
  • Continued Professional training and education to update our knowledge and to provide high quality, Evidence Based Therapy Services
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our service provision through feedback from clients, young adults, families and other professional staff

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide maximum care and respect
  • To be a Family and Client centered practice
  • To Empower Clients and Families
  • To provide Culturally Sensitive Services
  • Work in close partnerships with other Allied Health Professionals and School Staff